Real Racing 3


OS: Android
CPU: 2.0 Ghz



    Real racing 3 is a racing game released by EA. "Real racing 3" roars, letting you experience speed and passion again. The game has more events than ever before, such as cup racing, endurance racing, short-range acceleration racing, etc. In "Real Racing 3", players can drive well-known sports cars from Porsche, Audi, Dodge and other famous sports cars to gallop on the famous tracks of Mazda Lagunaseka, Indianapolis and Silverstone, and the number of racing cars on the same screen for the first time has reached 22. At that time, the ultra-high competitiveness and lasting appeal will definitely become a new time killer.


   Players can choose seven operation manners. "Tilt A" uses acceleration sensor, by which players sway the device from side to side to control the vehicle steering, automatically accelerate, and manually brake. "Tilt B" uses acceleration sensor, to manually accelerate and manually brake. "Wheel A" uses the virtual steering wheel in the screen to steer, accelerate automatically and brake manually. "Wheel A (reverse)" is similar to Wheel A", but the virtual steering wheel is on the right and the brake is on the left. "Wheel B" uses the virtual steering wheel to steer, accelerate and brake manually. "Wheel B (reverse)" and "key" use touch to steer, by which players touch the left hand on the screen for turning left, touch the right hand for turning right, and automatically accelerate and manually brake. In each option, the players can modify the degree of brake assist and steering assist and choose whether to turn on "TRC traction control". In "tilt A" and "tilt B", the sensitivity of the acceleration sensor can also be modified.

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