Where's My Water


OS: Android2.5
CPU: 1
RAM: 1



     Are you ready? Come and join Swampy, Elle and Cranky to start the next exciting adventure!Where is My Water is a casual puzzle game. The background of the story is from a crocodile (Swampy )who lives under the city, hoping to live the same life as human beings. Because the Swampy loves to be clean and likes to take a bath, we need to help him lead the water to his bath. Each level is a challenging, physics-based puzzle, which contains incredible and lifelike mechanical principles. Dig the soil to guide clean water, dirty water, toxic water, steam, muddy water through increasingly difficult scenes! Every drop of water is critical!


    • In the crocodile world of Swampy, Elle, Cranky and Mysterious Duck, we can play hundreds of levels and challenges with a brand-new image.

   • The introduction of "challenge mode" will bring about a subversive change to the difficulty of the level.

   • At the "Duck Runs" level, the faster you dig, the more ducks you get.

   • Vacuum cleaner, dropper and adapter can be used in the "Three Ducks Gather Together" link to make the game faster and more interesting. Extra props may cost a little.

   • Each character has a specially designed interesting mechanism. Don't forget to try it!

   • Complete all kinds of achievements and win special theme ducklings, such as fighting duck, aerospace duck, Hula duck, etc!

   • Can't you get stuck in a certain place? There comes up with the puzzle tips to help you!


    In the game Where is My Water?, players cannot only train their brains, but also enjoy exquisite game pictures and sound and light effects. In addition, there will be all kinds of troublesome algae, toxic ooze, mechanisms and traps waiting for players to crack one by one at the later levels. On the whole, it is super worthy of recommendation.


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