Fruits Legend


OS: Android 2.2
CPU: 1.0Ghz
RAM: 512MB



    Fruits Legend is an absolutely fresh fruit erasing game! The delicious juicy fruit, unique new gameplay and various props will thrill you! Score when Clearing three or more of the same fruit. Try more props to make more combos!

Game Operation:

     • Score when connecting three or more of the same fruit.

     • Reach the target score within the time limit.

     • Quickly eliminate more fruit, you can check more game features - more than 35 challenging levels and a variety of powerful props.

    • Fire props that can eliminate a row of fruit.

    • Water props that can eliminate around the ripe fruit.

    • Ice props that unseals frozen fruit.

    • Delicious game interface and cool animation effects.


    Very interesting fruit erasing game. The game is not big, just less than 4M, but the picture of fruit is so vivid. Different from the previous erasing game, you only need to burst three or more adjacent fruits into a line, no matter up or down or sideways.

More Description

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