Hill Climb Racing 2


OS: Android 4.2 and up



 As a popular physical care racing game around the world, "Hill Climb Racing 2" is based on the characteristics of real racing car, which is easy to use with only two keys to control. Players can refit the car to create your stylish car. Together with the rich and interesting "parts cards" to  both satisfy the collection hobby of old drivers and improve the performance of racing cars. The "propeller" drives the car speed out of the throttle in a second, with other settings to bring you joys, including the roller coaster track, the Galaxy track, new gifts provided and herds of treasure boxes.  Come and play around the earth with the driving master "Bill", and roll and run high!

Customize your car

Dozens of different customization. Upgrade your vehicle's engine, tires, suspension, roll cage, paintjob - endless list waiting for upgrading

Grow your driver

In the cup competition to win the line. Customize the look of your drive by changing the hat, shirt, and trousers.

Challenge your friends

Send a challenge to your friends competing in the same track. Now, it's up to you or your friends who stand out!

New dynamic stages

Driving up the mountain? It is really different at the top of the mountain compared to the valley. Each stage contains different surprises. Unlock a new stage in the challenging racing cup.

Become the top of world

Can you break through the record of the world's top driver? Beat other players to  the league and leader board.


-New challenges and weekly tasks for earning massive points

-Promotion package for props

-Cup competition mode for competing with national players

-Numerous car, including Harley car, tractor, sports car, formula, rally car, lunar car, etc

-Dressing up system where players can dress up the character and create stylish racing cars

-Parts system to provide different racing parts with various functions for the sense of flying

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