Human Fall Flat


OS: Android 5.0 and up



The version of Human: FallFlat on mobile phone is the most popular single-player game recently for entertainment and killing time. It has various modes, and players can choose to play online with friends. In this game, the player need to control a staggering little man to take adventures. The stages that designed are truly impressive and challenging.


1. It's a 3D physics game with simple and clean pictures centered on puzzle-solving for entertainment.

2. By controlling the leading role, Bob, to solve kinds of puzzles to get out of the dream using physics effect, such as swing, unclench the iron fence, and so on.

3. Being in a completely interactive 3D environment, the player can make full use of the various items.


You can control the role in all dimensions, and your hands are the hands of the role. By making full use of your four limbs with kinds of tricks will achieve a lot. How much fun you will have depends on you.

You can fully interact with things in the environment; you can pick up anything you want to take, climb anywhere you want to go or walk with anything you want, and hit any wall you want to hit.

LAN online mode allows you to find a few friends to happily spend a good afternoon or mock up each other for a night.

Personalize yourself from color to dress, and whether to be an American superman or a piece of French sausage is up to you. Now move your body and join in this crazy human carnival for wild pleasure and joy!

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