Pokemon GO


OS: Android 5.0 and up


Pokemon Go is a game of exploring, capturing, fighting, and exchanging the Pokemon that appeared in the real world. The player can find Pokemon in the real world through a Smartphone, and then capture and fight with them. The players are served as the trainer of Pokemans, and the more Pokemons they catch, the stronger they will be; then they will have more chances to catch the stronger and rarer Pokemons.

The first time the players log onto the game, they need to choose what kind of role they'd like to play. The first interface appears in front of them is Character Select (male or female), and then comes the Appearance Select (include hairstyle, suits, ornament, and so on.) They can interact with the real world by being a trainer in the game. The image of the trainer will vary with the locations that they change. 

The role of the trainer can set up levels. After their level raised, in addition to coming across stronger Pokemons (even can directly encounter a Pokemon that has already evolved into the final form), the props purchased in the store will be those of higher grade.

When the role of the players going up to the 5th grade, they need to choose which team to join. There are such three teams as "Blue", "Red", and "Yellow" (Namely, Articuno Team, Moltres Team, and Zapdos Team). Three teams are in antagonistic relations, and these three forces also scramble with each other in the same region; specifically speaking, it is “The War for Gyms". 

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