Toca Hair Salon 3


OS: Android 4.4 and up



1. A simple and interesting mini-game for dress-up imitation; 

2. All new characters have dozens of new hairstyles;

3. The player can not only design satin-like straight hair, curly hair, and fluey big-wavy hair, but also design a fashionable African hairstyle;

4. There are all the tools that players may need to create hairstyle at their pleasure;

5. Brand-new braid tools;

6. Each character can wear a beard, and can be trimmed into various cool forms;

7. There are more advanced hair dyeing tools: players can color and fade hair as they like, and spray out their dreamt hair color as well;

8. Players can change clothes for the character;

9. There are dozens of new accessories: hats, glasses, and jewelry, with a great variety;

10. The player can change the photo background;

11. The player can take pictures of themselves in the APP and share them with friends;

12. Neutral aesthetic design: unlike most hairstyle design Apps, this one is suitable for all children to play with;

13. There is no time limit or ranking ——players can play as they wish and enjoy themselves;

14. There are no third-party ads.


This super popular game has been upgraded comprehensively and is coming back! What kind of hairstyle do you want to design today? Unique and fashionable, adorable and cute, or non-mainstream hairstyles with complete personality? You can choose your favorite characters from dozens of custom costumes——randomly matching hairstyles and costumes for these characters, which can bring you endless game fun! Now pick up your hair tools and create all kinds of trendy hairstyles!

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