Garena Free Fire-New Beginning


OS: Android 4.1 and up


Brief Introduction of the Game:

Garena Free Fire is a kind of shooting game with lots of fun. There is brand new game content, supreme creative game thinking pattern modules, and also giant map imitation. There is extreme game experience, various operating modes, and also lots of fine metro map imitation, please come and have a try!

Play methods:

Super wonderful shooting play method. You can challenge any time you are available. The vivid scene interfaces provides enough feeling of immersion. Super large game map for free exploration! There are abundant resources for you to obtain. There is rich rewards and bonus for each competitive games. 

The communication in the game can be available through voice chat, the communicative way is more convenient with no trouble of typing letters. The information can be passed more effective. 


During the risky fighting process, it can bring people the experience of personally being on scene. It is free for you to select different competitive modes to experience different competitive fun. 

Creation of various weapons and equipments, the tacit cooperation with the team mates, present out the amazing fighting power. 

Evaluation and Comments:

1. The picture image has been made extremely fine, the key point of the shooting game is the quality of the interface. 

2. The operation hand feeling of the whole game is very comfortable. It perfectly maximizes the hand feeling of each firearms.

3. Absolutely fantastic shooting adventure. Survive in a fight of fifty competitors, it is the competition of intelligence, it is also a contest between capacity. 

More Description

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