PES 2021 was released in September 2019.The season update for PES 2020 includes new player stats and team lists. It retains the content of last year's PES 2020, with updates for teams and players for the new season. The game comes with a Euro 2020 model and offers a special anniversary price.

Game Evaluation

IGN Score:7,General

PES 2021 has few updates compared to PES 2020.So if you already have PES 2020, PES 2021 is not worth the upgrade. But the new work exposes an important problem. Are gamers or consumers ready when developers are trying to innovate and new game hardware (consoles & graphics cards) are not released? Of course, PES 2021 makes it clear from the main version of the game that season updates are an honest business practice. Finally, the evaluation of the season update model of PES 2021 and the evaluation of football itself is also an IP business model. The promise of a bigger leap in the next generation deserves approval but still requires reservations.

Game content

Biggest club

It uses the world's big clubs such as Bundesliga champions FC, Bayern Munich, La Liga champions FC, Barcelona, football giants Manchester United and PES exclusive partner Juventus!


You build fantasy teams from scratch to play against real people from all over the world.


An online PvP game with the theme of reality matches and other major events.

The master league

It takes charge of its own club in single-player mode to guide them to the top of the world.

More Description



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