Dora's Worldwide Adventure


OS: Android 4.1 and up



Dora's Worldwide Adventure    Explore the world and learn geography in interesting ways! In this game, Dora and her friend Boots travel together around the world to learn about cities, monuments and cultures of different countries.

How to play:

Spin the earth to choose a country, and help Dora find famous landmarks and monuments

•  take a plane - take the luggage to the plane and browse the map to reach  destination!

take photos - help Dora photograph every famous building or monument in different cities and explore splendid animals and items from countries around the world!

photo album - fill in Dora's photo album with pictures, stickers, maps, etc. Play with preschoolers and learn funny features about the countries they have visited.

seek opportunities - collect extra rewards to have fun together in this puzzle game.

DRESS UP DORA - Unlock shirts, dresses, hats when exploring different countries. Dress up Dora before visiting next destination!


Download Dora's Worldwide Adventure to travel by air. Your children are expected to discover the secrets of the world here!

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